Success Vehicle In Network Marketing

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Attention Network Marketers! Amway, USANA, World Ventures, Prepaid Legal, Send Out Cards, Mary Kay, ACN, FHTM, Final Destinations, Hello World, Vemma, Mona Vie, Xango, Herbalife, and all you other MLM Entrepreneurs!

Are you not making frequent bonus checks?

Are you not making consistent residual income?

Are you not sponsoring new business partners?

Are you frustrated?

Perhaps the problem is all in your mind.

You see, it is your mind that either propels you forward or prevents you from getting where you want to go.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I want you to picture your goal with your Network Marketing business.  Keep in mind that it is critical that you picture this goal very clearly.  If you have not learned by now, the more specifically you picture things, the greater the likelihood of the universe bringing it to you.  What does your life look like when you reach your goal?  What will you be doing?  How do you feel when you achieve it?  Some call this your “Why” for doing the business.

Now, I want you to think of your goal as your destination – your success, so to speak.  With the picture in your mind, you develop a desire to travel down the road to success.  How fast you get to your success is totally up to you, if you even get there at all.  You want to get from point A to point Z.  But by what means do you plan to get to your destination?  Since it is a road, the best way is to use a vehicle – a vehicle by which to travel to your dream, your goal, your vision, your “Why”.  So let’s call the means your “Success Vehicle”.

Just as with any road-worthy vehicle, the key components of your “Success Vehicle” are the tires.  This vehicle has four tires.  These four tires represent your belief system or, more specifically, four belief systems.

  • One is your belief system in the company’s products.
  • Two is your belief system in the company.
  • Three is your belief system in Network Marketing.
  • And four is your belief system in your self.

As we all know, it is important to have properly inflated tires before you head out on a drive in your vehicle.  Unfortunately, everyone’s “Success Vehicles” come with different levels of air in each tire.  This leads to different levels of performance with the vehicle and determines how fast or slowly you arrive at your destination, if at all.  In fact, if you have a flat tire initially, it may take some time before you even move forward on the road.  You will have to fix the flat or change the tire.  You may have to call AAA and that will take even more time before you are off and cruising along.  If you have more than one tire flat, you may have to call a tow truck, which further delays your ignition.  However, if you are committed to getting to your destination, you will do what it takes to get those tires up to speed so they can carry you to your point Z. 


Most likely, your first tire – belief in the company’s products had much to do with why you invested money into the opportunity in the first place.  The product is usually not the most common tire that needs to be inflated.  Now for the second tire – belief in the company.  Usually, on your first exposure to the opportunity you get just enough about the company to make you feel comfortable.  The length of time they have been around – head quarters, management team, and a few other details.  So, your belief in the company may need some additional attention after you sign up.  As for the third tire – belief in Network Marketing, most actually sign up with a very flat tire.  It is extremely difficult to fill this tire on the first presentation or the first training session and may take some time.  Lastly, the fourth tire – belief in your abilities.  This one is actually what you bring individually to the table and has the most potential for improvement which will carry into many areas of your life, not just your new business.

Here are some solutions for you to help get your tires up to ideal operating pressure to carry you to your success:

Tire #1 – Make sure you get familiar with ALL of the products the company offers and that you are able to explain them very well to others.  Remember, you are the professional so you need to act like one.  Make sure you have tried ALL of the products and are using them yourself.  Have you ever gone to a nice restaurant and asked the server how their specialty dish tastes and they said that they have not actually tried it yet?  Not good.

Tire #2 – Make sure you print out and read the companies policies and procedures.  Call the customer service line frequently and ask good questions.  Keep up to speed on any press releases or public spotlights on your company.  Quickly read and absorb their training manual and/or their system for duplication and follow it.  Attend the first company convention you can.

Tire #3 – Go online and research Network Marketing on Yahoo and Google.  Print out articles, good and bad, and read them.  Begin reading books on the topic.  “Your First Year in Network Marketing” is a great first read.  Attend your company’s events.  Most definitely attend the first company convention you can.

Tire #4 – Begin reading books on Leadership and Sales.  Make sure you are on as many company conference calls as you can fit in.  Attend your local training meetings.  Read the company training systems.  Have frequent conversations and meetings with your upline (the Associates above you).  Attend networking events and practice talking to people, as the more you do this the more your self confidence will increase.  Role play with upline, family, and friends on your scripting and presentations.

With all tires properly inflated, you are ready to roll!  Remember, there are many obstacles and distractions along the way.  Always keep your goal in mind, your “Why” – and keep monitoring your tires for leaks.  Push the pedal and happy driving!

By Michael Gallegos

Edited by Jenny Macias

Copyright © 2008 – Michael Gallegos. This article may only be copied, distributed, or reproduced in its entirety.


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