High Tech Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Ladies

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Think high tech gifts are just for guys? Think again. According to the Oxygen channel three quarters of women would prefer a plasma TV to a diamond necklace. As a man, you might be baffled by this statistic, but there are many excellent high tech Valentine options this year to choose from.

For those of you who really need to make up for a previous Valentine’s Day mistake, get your high tech honey a pink Sony Vaio laptop. It is a top of the line computer in a cute pink package. She will happy to take this laptop on the go. The pink ipod nano is also a great choice.

If your sweetie is in the computer field, or simply enjoys computers as a hobby, thinkgeek.com has many great gifts to choose from.

*Geek Love Poem T-shirt: “This shirt, designed by ThinkGeek Love Labs makes an especially good gift to one you love or love to confuse, depending on their knowledge of hex and Internet lore.” A black t-shirt with this geek poem on the front –

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you

*Chocolate molecule ladies tee: “Caffeine is our favorite stimulant. It is easy to get and comes in many forms. But did you know that Caffeine has a sexy younger cousin. Her name is Theobromine, and she’s the tasty little number who puts your mind in a happy place while you are eating chocolate. Molecularly similar to caffeine, but with just enough differences to make her a much smoother date, Theobromine is slower to burn out of your system and induces gentle, sensual stimulation to your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Grrrrrrrr! The Theobromine molecule is presented in a beautiful magenta against a sumptuous backdrop of a dark chocolate babydoll shirt.”

*Magic Heart Hand Warmer: “The magic with the heart hand warmer is in the metal disc you see inside it. All you do is click the disc back and forth a few times and you’ll see the clearish gel inside become opaque. As the opaqueness spreads, so does the heat! It’s a crazy chemical reaction which we like to call AWESOME!”

*USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner: “Step one, add one drop of the included aromatherapy oil onto the little X. Step two, insert into a USB drive (horizontal drives preferred to prevent drips). There is no software to run, no drivers to install, as the USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner just needs to get warm. And then the good smells spread around your office and put you in a better mood.”

And my personal favorite…

*Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard: “This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface… you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. It really is true future magic at its best. You’ll be turning heads the moment you pull this baby from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on your bluetooth enabled PDA or Cell Phone. With 63 keys and and full size QWERTY layout the Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard… in a size a little larger than a matchbook.”

Don’t forget the batteries for that special lady in your life. She will appreciate your attention to detail. And don’t forget to include a love note!


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