How to Have a Romantic Valentines Day

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It’s nearing Valentine’s Day and men all over the U.S. are feeling the pressure. One wrong gift and you’re in the doghouse for days. You may think that you have the perfect gift for your lady, but take time to realize what message exactly that you are sending with that gift. Following a few simple guidelines will help you avoid those deadly Valentine’s Day errors of judgment and keep her heart in your good graces.

*No household appliances. It doesn’t matter how long she’s been needing a new microwave, this is NOT the time to get it for her. You may feel that you are being practical, but save “practical” for a regular old Tuesday…not Valentine’s Day. She wants your gift to say “Wow, I love you so much, honey”, not “Get in the kitchen and make me some macaroni”. This same advice also goes for cleaning items. A vacuum cleaner is never a good idea, even if it does have a cool remote.

*Stay away from buying clothes for her. You would not want to insult her by getting her clothing that is the wrong size. She may love clothes, but I’m sure that she loves shopping for them as well. If you really feel the need to get her clothing, purchase a gift card to her favorite shop and present it with some flowers.

*No fitness related items. Do not, under any circumstances, buy her that treadmill she’s had her eye on. Or even worse, a membership to the gym. You may think she will appreciate them, but to her, these kinds of gifts only say, “I think you need to lose some weight.”

*Be Creative. Don’t run out to the store and buy candy and flowers the night before Valentine’s Day and “hide” them in the fridge so they’ll keep for the next day. This implies that you put no thought into your gift at all. Stuffed animals are a bad move, too, unless your girlfriend is twelve. Instead, cook her dinner or take her on a romantic walk that leads to a special surprise at the end. Let her know that you actually put some thought into her and her gift.

*The worst gift is nothing at all. If you are unlucky enough to be the guy that forgets Valentine’s Day this year, don’t rush out while you’re at work and get whatever they have on sale at the drug store. If she presents you a gift in the morning time and you are empty handed, own up to the fact that you forgot what day it was and tell her that you will more than make it up to her that night. Make sure you follow through, though. The worst thing you could do for Valentine’s Day is nothing at all. Not having a gift for your special lady is like looking her in the eye and saying, “Your happiness is not worth my time.” You may not feel that way, but trust me, that’s what it’s going to feel like to her.

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