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Police Scanners are an awesome thing if you are into that type of thing. I came across a site where you can download a scanner for your computer. Now how cool is that? It does have a small cost but it is worth the money. The great thing about having a scanner on your computer you do not have to listen to just police in your area but around the US. I knew this kinda of technology exisited but I could not find it everywhere I looked, now I have.

I myself own a standard scanner and do enjoy listening to it time to time. But having something on my computer that had scanner capabilites I think is way cool. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can do so here. The other cool thing about the PC Scanner is you only pay for it one time and thats it.  The cost is only around 30 dollars which is less than I paid for my scanner, so this is a good deal if you enjoy listening to scanners. Plus as far as I know I am only able to pick up in my area, with the PC Scanner you can hear stuff all over.

If you have a loved one that likes scanners this would also be a great gift as well. Low cost and would be able to more than just the normal scanner. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and feel free to leave comments or rate me.


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