10 Must-Haves to Survive in this Economy without Spending Frivolously.

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The economy is in a recession, and many people need to save their money as well as reduce their spending in order to survive and be able to live. Many people are choosing to go Green in order to live their simple lives, while other people prefer to not spend unless it is necessary and important. Many companies are offering sales, discounts, coupons and other incentives in order to help lower income people survive.

People don’t need to excessively spend. They can do what they want on their own. Many people are going to the do-it-yourself route in order to save money in the long run as they hope Barack Obama will clean things up and make it better in the future so they can splurge and enjoy their lives again.

There are ten necessities that every home must have. Some can be bought on sale, in second-hand stores, or with discounts. But most of these things, you probably own in your home anyway.

1. sneakers–they can be worn with casual clothes or with a suit. They are practical and all purpose shoes that everyone owns.

2. station wagon–this car is very practical and economical for everyone, but it is mostly used by families. It can carry many things as well as pets and children. It is great for going on trips or just for daily usage.

3. aviator sunglasses–these sunglasses have a look of adventure. People who wear them tend to crave adventure or do actually live an adventurous lifestyle. With these sunglasses, you are saving money in style.

4. sewing machine–learn to alter your own clothes. You can do it yourself and save money in the process. And if you are really good at sewing, you can modernize old clothes into new fashions without going shopping.

5. compressor–this is mostly great for studios. But anyone can enjoy it, as well. It records sounds well, no matter how low or high.

6. checked tweed pants–these pants are very practical, and they are all purpose for a casual look and dressy look. They can even be worn for work and look professional.

7. aluminum suit case–it looks modern-looking and space age, and holds lots of stuff. practical for work, school, traveling, or just storing your favorite things in it.

8. bicycle–When you are not walking or running in your sneakers to your desired locations, why not ride your bicycle there, especially if it is at a longer distance and the weather is nice. Go Green and ride your bicycle. It is also good exercise.

9. guitar–many people nowadays are reducing their entertainment and leisure activities, especially if they need to spend a lot for them. With a guitar, hang out with close friends or family and enjoy each others’ company. Sing, dance, laugh and talk while playing the guitar as well as playing other games. Whether at home, at a local park or at the beach with a bonfire, a guitar can be the only object for your long hours of entertainment.

10. jump rope–this is practical, economical, useful and versatile. You can jump rope anywhere, whether at home, on vacation, at work, at a park, at the beach, etc. It is small and doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage. It is great exercise, relieves tension, and can be fun. From kids to adults, everyone is jumping rope, especially if they can’t really afford gym membership or they don’t really have time to go to a gym.

With these ten must have necessities, you will get your needed exercises, memorable entertainment and some adventure with style until the economic situation improves. When the economic situation improves, you must realize that this simply lifestyle is more fun and worth experiencing because it brings value and meaning to your life.


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