Male Hair Removal Options

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Male swimmers and body builders have been removing hair for years. Now, experts report that more and more men are opting for smooth skin. There are many options available for male hair removal including waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams, or even laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal uses laser light to penetrate the shaft of each hair. This kills the hair root but does not kill the follicle. This means another hair could grow where the old one was rooted, but it’s very difficult. Laser hair removal is the most permanent male hair removal option. Although several treatments may need to be performed, they will be infrequent.

The process, which can be painful, lasts up to 30 minutes per treatment session. Up to eight sessions may be required to remove all hair. This treatment is best suited for back hair removal, chest, stomach, shoulders, and genitals. It works best on a pale complexion with dark hair. The process is inappropriate for extremely blonde hair.

This type of male hair removal is expensive, costing $400 to $500 per treatment. After all the initial treatment sessions have been completed, the results will be almost permanent. Touch ups will need to be performed every few years, and in some cases may cease to be necessary.

Waxing Hair Removal for Men

Soy based waxes are typically used for male hair removal. The lotion-like wax is applied to the skin, cloth strips are layered over this, and once the wax dries, the strips are pulled off quickly, removing all the hair. This process only takes a few minutes to perform but can take longer for larger areas, usually not more than an hour per treatment.

Waxing can also be painful, but the pain goes away quickly. It’s best suited for eyebrow shaping, unibrow, hair on the ears and neck, legs, underarms, arms and genital areas. Before deciding to have the genitals waxed, it’s recommended that you first try it on another part of the body, to make sure the pain can be tolerated.

The results of waxing last about four to six weeks, and this treatment is very affordable compared to other male hair removal methods. At a salon, the charge would be anywhere from $10 – $70, depending on the area being waxed. There are also many fairly inexpensive retail products available that can be used from the comfort and privacy of home.

Electrolysis Hair Removal for Men

Electrolysis is another good permanent male hair removal option. It uses a tiny needle which penetrates each individual hair shaft. The needle sends small shocks of electricity into the hair follicle, effectively killing the cells that make the hair. Once the cells are destroyed, no hair will be able to grow there again.

Each electrolysis session lasts only a short period of time, no longer than 20 minutes per treatment. However, up to a year of weekly treatments could be required for removing large amounts of hair. Each treatment costs around $40-$50, but results will be permanent when all sessions are completed.

Electrolysis works equally well for all areas of the body, but because it can be so time consuming, small areas are best to begin with, such as the face and neck. Many men find removing genital hair via electrolysis to be extremely painful, so you might want to consider another method for hair removal in this region.

Depilatory Cream Hair Removal for Men

Depilatory creams, often referred to as just depilatories, are another temporary male hair removal option. A chemical compound is suspended in a cream base. When the cream is applied to the skin, the chemical attacks the proteins in the hair and dissolves them. The hair instantly loosens and falls out. This method is best suited chest, arms, legs, and back hair removal. Depilatories should not be used around the face or genitals, as these areas are too sensitive.

The process can be performed easily at home, or in a salon. A DIY depilatory cream can be purchased in drug stores or online, with a typical cost of $10-$20. If you prefer to have the treatment done in a salon, the cost will be anywhere from $25 – $50, depending on how large an area is treated. The results last from 1 – 6 weeks before another treatment is needed.


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