Green cold sauce

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Very often you want to enjoy your guests with something interesting or original. Today I am going to offer you this recipe for cold green sauce. The time for its preparation is about 15-20 minutes. The sauce is delicious and easy for preparing.


10 cloves of garlic

5 bunches of parsley

2 table spoons tomato sauce

1 sour gherkin

1 tea spoon mustard

1 green pepper (chili)

Salt to taste

Oil to taste

Vinegar or lemon juice to taste

Method of preparation:

The parsley should be chopped very finely. The gherkin and the green pepper should be cut into very small pieces. You have to put all the ingredients into a mixer and mix them until the mixture is blend. Then add the salt, the oil and the vinegar. This delicious cold green sauce is suitable for cold meat. You can pour the sauce onto the meat and serve it with slices of lemon on the top. The sauce could stay in a glass for more than a year in your fridge.


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