How to Clean your Dishwasher the Cheap and Green Way

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  1. First empty your dishwasher of any dishes, cups, silverware or baking pans. Make sure there is no soap or tablets in the soap dispenser. Remove any large food particles in the dishwasher. Food particles will clog the washer.
  2. Measure out a cup of vinegar and pour it in the dishwasher and in the dishwasher’s soap dispenser. Make sure you are using WHITE vinegar.
  3. If you have a rinse cycle set it to rinse and let it run through the cycle. Do this at least once a month to prevent soap buildup in the dishwasher and on the inner mechanisms. * Vinegar will also remove spots on glassware. You can run a cup of vinegar directly in the dishwasher while spotty glassware is in the dishwasher. Just wash normally after your vinegar rinse.

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