The reasons why one should write for Helium

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With so many different article submission web sites available, why should one write for Helium? What is it that makes Helium different or better than any of the other sites?

To some degree, the answers to those questions depend on your reasons for writing. If your reason for writing is that you’d like to make some money, Helium has several advantages over other article submission web sites:

* Contests. Every week, Helium gives away money to writers who can out-write the competition through their contests. Participating in contests is a great way to earn extra money on the articles that you would have written anyways.

* The Marketplace. The Marketplace provides opportunities for writers to demonstrate their talents directly to publishers. The Marketplace has led to many other lucrative opportunities for writers beyond just writing for Helium.

* Performance payments. Like other article submission web sites, Helium offers payments based on the performance of your article. While the exact formulas haven’t been disclosed, many writers have experienced higher performance payments at Helium than they have at other article submission web sites.

But what if you aren’t all that interested in making money on your writing? What if you just want a place that you can demonstrate your skill and hone your craft? Helium is one of the best places that you can do those things, as well. Here’s why:

* The Rating System. At Helium, your article will be rated by many other writers. Those writers can help to flag one of your articles when you’ve made some grammatical or formatting mistakes.

* Leapfrog. With some other article submission web sites, once you’ve published something with an error it is set in stone. The Leapfrog feature at Helium gives you a second chance at writing a good article. It lets you improve your writing by making improvements along the way.

* Community. The Writer’s Workshop and other channels in the Community section of Helium offer a place for you to get advice from other successful writers. You can post one of your articles and have it critiqued, or you can ask many of the regular community posters about their secrets to success with writing.

No matter what your reasons are for writing, there are convincing reasons why you should do that writing at Helium.


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