How to succeed as a writer

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It may be simpler to succeed as a writer than you think. The fact of the matter is that there are more opportunities for writing success today than there have ever been in history. The dedicated and talented writer should have no trouble succeeding as long as she is up to the task. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take effort to succeed as a writer, only that there are more ways to succeed today. Here are some basic ideas that will help you succeed as a writer:

* Master the rules of the language. Good grammar, correct sentence structure and accurate spelling and punctuation are requisites for writing success. While these things don’t guarantee success as a writer, not having them can doom a writing career before it even starts.

* Find your own writing voice. Every writer has a unique voice within her. For many writers, it is a process of trial and error as they attempt to discover what exactly it is about their own writing voice that is unique. If you don’t have your own voice, why would anyone be interested in your writing? Once you find your voice, once you hit your groove, you will be on your way to success as a writer.

* Work hard. Writers have to write, all the time. It is what you do. It takes practice, and it takes dedication to be a writer. Very few writers can see all of their work become profitable, so it is often important to be concerned about the volume that you are writing. Being dedicated to the task of writing will help you succeed.

* Learn some business skills. Most writers have to be able to read contracts, market their writing, and make sure that clients are paying them. These skills have nothing to do with writing itself. You could be the most talented writer ever born and still fail because you didn’t know how to run a business. Even if you’re considering a job writing for someone else, knowing the value of your writing is an important component of your success.

These are just the basics of how to succeed as a writer. However, if you can be committed to these tasks, you will avoid more than 75% of the problems that writers encounter on their road to success.


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