The Hidden Dangers of Free Ringback Tones

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Ringback tones are tones that are played when a caller calls you and is waiting for your response. Ringback tones are can be anything that you want them to be. If you want your favorite celebrity to give a greeting, there are ringback tones for that. If you would like your favorite song to play while the caller is awaiting your reply, there are ringback tones for that. Even if you want a funny line from a movie, chances are there are ringback tones for that as well. With the rise in popularity of Ringback tones, the question of the year has been “Can I get free ringback tones ?”

I’d hate to disappoint you, but to answer your question bluntly, the answer is no. You can not get free ringback tones, at least not legally. Companies provide you with a service, and in this case the service is ringback tones. It would be a loss of profit if they were to offer you free ringback tones. The only times that reputable companies offer free ringback tones, is when they are running a promotion to get the word out and to attract new customers. But, these promotions are very rare and since Ringback tones are already popular, it is very unlikely that you will be offered free Ringback tones.

On average, ringback tones cost $1-$3 for three months of usage. This is in no way a strong financial commitment. Really, you have nothing to lose by simply paying for a legitimate ringback tone service. However, if you choose to go to unethical (and in many cases illegal) route to get free ringback tones, it is likely that you will find yourself in an unfortunate situation. Think about it, the sole purpose of having a business is to turn a profit. How is a company going to turn a profit if they are offering free ringback tones to everyone who inquires? Unless the company is running a promotion (which will be clearly stated on the site), they probably want something from you.

It isn’t uncommon for these companies to say that they are offering free ringback tones and then once you are sent the ringback tone, they will hit you with a $10 monthly subscription fee, that you ignorantly agreed to because you didn’t read the fine print. Another scenario that isn’t very uncommon is to have your cell phone hacked by companies offering free ringback tones. If your cell phone is hacked, any personal and financial information that was stored on the device is now in the hands of that company who offered you those free ringback tones. Now, ask yourself “Is forfeiting personal and financial information for a couple of free ringback tones worth it?” If the answer is yes, then you are a moron. If you answered no, then you my friend have made the right choice. Forfeit the free ringback tones because it will save you lots of trouble in the future. Get a ringback tone the legal way, through a Ringback tone provider of cell phone service provider. It will cost you less than $1 per month and you will get to choose whichever ringback tone it is that you like.


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