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Amazing Vegetable Art

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Amazing Vegetable Art

Vegetables are of many uses. They can be eaten to preserve health; they can be used to grow trees. And even they can be used to make arts! Yes, beautiful and fascinating arts can made with the vegetables that we use to eat and meet our basic health requirements. But it is nothing like that only green vegetables can be used to make these arts, or others cannot be used; all kinds of vegetables can be used to make the arts you want to.

Various colors of vegetables can be used to make colorful and various shaped arts. All you need to do is, just cut or slice the vegetables nicely and shapely, and then just put them together to make a good art piece.

Toothpicks can be used to attach the vegetable pieces in according to the shape. Cucumbers, what we eat as salad, can be turned into skeletons only with the magic touch of a knife. Just take a cucumber, design its face and body, cut it according to the shape, and then your skeleton is ready to be shown! It is just a simple process.

Thus you can turn capsicums into crocodile’s mouth. Just take one capsicum, cut off its inside, just keep the outside part of it, and then cut its shape like a crocodiles mouth. Toothpicks can be used to keep its mouth open.

Is it a very hard work? Not at all! And it is not finished yet; you can use potatoes to make human bodies, bananas to make human, strawberries to make ants, leaves of onions to make grasshoppers, apples to make Halloween’s Jack-o’-lantern, and oranges also to make human bodies.

Or you can make your own arts with other vegetables and show off to your friends. So, what are you making tonight?

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