Life & Death of a Rainbow

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Life is not a simple game,
Not one moment is ever the same,
Its depth seems endless like the oceans,
Its vastness seems never ending like the heavens.

To walk a righteous path is fraught with pain,
The pain does not last for very long,
The road to evil is not the same,
The way is joy merry with song,
A strong heart will know that evil is only a game.

The one who learns to conquer fate,
Rises above the putrid hate,
Battles for true light a war made by god,
With strength and valor the good will persevere against all odds,
An honor for men to defend the glory of light,
Righteousness is an affront to the tyranny of evil plight.

The beauty of life is like a rainbow,
With pure hues of color set aglow,
Delivering pain and joy at every moment,
Strolling through life filled with rivers of torment,
As life anew death is the end,
Therefore, time will cease to remain my friends.



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