Adelaide to Melbourne Train trip

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Recently I took a trip from Adelaide, to Melbourne, and back again on the Overland train and I can really recomend the trip, especially if you are visiting Australia and would like to see some classic Australian countryside. The trip isn’t very expensive, although it does cost much more than a flight between the two cities, and it does take much more time, approximately around 12 hours on the train.

The trip is quite comfortable, with much more space than on an airplane and with seats that can be turned around so that if there are four of you, you can all sit facing each other. The trip is very smooth and the trains are all quite new and airconditioned. Along the way the train’s staff introduce interesting sights along the way, both natural scenery and also places of Historic interest. The toilets are very modern and comfortable and also the food onboard is quite nice with the cafeteria carriage being both comfortable and spacious with plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks onboard. The food also ranges from hot to cold and healty to not so healthy food. Lastly the service is great, the staff are all very polite, laid back and have great senses of humour, my father took the train once before a member of the staff still remembered his name! Now I found that to be impressive! Oh yes and there are also small portable machines that you can rent, for a resonable price, that you can use to play some simple computer games, watch some movies  and also listen to some music. Not too unlike the services that those TV’s on the back of the seat on airplanes provide.


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