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Interesting Things About Birds

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Birds always amaze people especially the kids. Ask a kid what would be his/her greatest wish and he/she will instantly reply –

I like to fly as free as a bird. Here are some interesting and known facts about birds.

Kagu , a gray, crested bird is found only in New Caledonia


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Semper’s Warbler is only known from the mountains of Saint Lucia.


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• The two most widely distributed species of birds in the world are the Peregrine Falcon and the Common Barn Owl . Both

nest on every continent except Antarctica.


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Oilbirds nest deep in cave in total darkness.


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Screech Owls close their huge eyes and stretch very thin, thus often passing for a stubby, broken branch.


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Kiwis are nearly blind. They locate their food by smell and are the only birds having nostril at the very tip of the bill.


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Bitterns freeze with their striped necks and long gills pointing straight up, emphasizing their resemblance to the surrounding



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African Vulture is a vulture that feeds also on palm nuts. And despite their ghastly habits of eating carcasses of dead

animals, vultures are one of the fussiest birds when it comes to cleanliness.


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Woodpeckers use their beak not only to excavate nesting holes but use it to communicate with one another by drumming.


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Penguins are the best swimmer among birds.


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Mockingbird is named for its ability to imitate the songs of other birds and even the mewing of cats. They often sing at night


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Mynas are considered the most talented of all talking birds.


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Arctic Tern is a well traveled bird which makes the longest migration of any animal. It breeds in the Arctic during the brief

summer. When winter comes, it flies to the opposite pole, to take advantage of summer in the Antarctic. Then during the

Antarctic winter, it flies back to arctic – a round trip of more than 25,000 miles or 40,000 km each year.


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Ratite birds (e.g. ostrich, kiwis …) can’t fly because they don’t have carilla and their sternum is small in size

Pelicans, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers and Jays are completely naked when hatched.

Pitohui, Ifrita and Rufous are the three most poisonous birds known in the world. Read more about these birds here .

• Birds at rest rid themselves of heat by panting. At flight, they disperse heat by the passage of air through the air sac.

• Toothlessness lightens the weight of the bird’s skull, another adaptation for flying.

• Birds have no sweat glands and cannot cool their body by perspiring.

Protoavis is considered the “first bird.”

Hope you enjoyed and learned something on this post. Thank You!

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