War continues, World watches on

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On August 31 2006, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution 1706 mandating that around 20,000 soldiers and police force be send into the Darfur region and since then, little has been done to alleviate the humanitarian crisis within the region. The United Nations representative Jan Pronk, has been expulsed from Sudan and Sudan stated that they will only work with the African Union (AU) troops. Recently, the African Union has been ineffective, as over 7,000 African Union soldiers have done little to nothing to improve conditions. Sudan’s president, Mr. Omar al-Bashir, was quick to say that his country “will work with the UN as we have a lot of work with the UN, but this does not mean that we accept this resolution as it is a resolution that will return colonialism to Sudan.”

The United States took a more serious note to this issue saying that the United Nations should not wait any longer for appoint the peacekeepers and that the UN needs to take a more aggressive stance to protect innocent people. Sudan warned the United Nations and the world that such a move would be considered an “invasion” and that the Darfur could become a new battlefield for jihadists, as Osama bin Laden had stated that any UN intervention should be resisted.

Mr. Bashir, the president of Sudan, strongly is convinced that the crisis in the Darfur region is the invention of the Western media, designed to deflect attention from military problems in Iraq & Afghanistan and that “those who made the publicity, who mobilized the people, invariably are Jewish organizations” so the issue is simply a diversion created by Jews and the media. Mr. Bashir also believes that aid agencies were fabricating reports of attacks and mass rape in order to expand their operations and the Sudanese government completely denies their involvement in the conflict.

UN’s aid chief Jan Egeland said that the people that require immediate aid and assistance in the Darfur region has risen to over four million people compared to the estimate of one million people two years ago. The UN also estimated that over 200,000 people have died from this conflict, another 200,000 people have now taken refuge in Chad and well over 1.65 million people are displaced from their homes. The United States continues to accuse Sudan of committing genocide but the UN investigation conducted in 2004 was not able to find concrete evidence of such actions. Meanwhile, as the world watches and debates about the politics and the issue, millions are being tortured and inhumane acts are being committed throughout the Darfur region of Sudan.


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