Helen fisher: why him why her

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Helen Fisher is an anthropologist who dedicated her research to how and why people fall in love. Fisher told 20/20 that romantic love is not an emotion but rather a mating drive or the quest for the matching mate. Fisher is the author of “Why Him, Why her?” She did some research with chemistry.com to learn more on why a certain person would choose one person and not the other. Fisher said “what I had to do is figure out if there was any biology to your behavior.”

Fisher concluded that there are some relation between our chemistry and how we would choose our mate. She came up with four general types of daters according to their body chemistry: dopamine which is associated with the explorer type, the builder is associated with serotonin, the director is associated with testosterone and the negotiator is associated with estrogen. Fisher then discover that there is some association between the chemistry of each person and how they would choose their mate such as the director type would fall for the negotiator type and the same type can fall for their same type.

She studied four ongoing couples and found out some relation to their choices of mating but the sample is only four people and not large enough yet to make a scientific drawing from it. Fisher said, “So I looked at these four chemical systems and I thought to myself, maybe you could create a questionnaire to see to what degree we express each of these.” “And if I could create a questionnaire that could establish who you are, and then on a dating site, watch which biological type is drawn to which other biological type, I might come closer to understanding why him, why her.” The types of questionnaire that she created do help her discover more about people’s mating decision. There have been about 7 million people who took the surveys and you can find the survey at www.whyhimwhyher.com.

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