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Remember when instant messenger and chat rooms were a big deal because you could talk to anyone, anywhere without a phone? Or you could talk to alot of people at one time from all over the world.  Now days with things like Skype, teleconferences, and webinars, instant messaging and chat are sort of becoming obselete.  Yes we do still use them, but for limited purposes and on limited platforms. 

We now have better options for socializing and networking.  One of the best ways these days is through a platform called Twitter.  Their platform is sort of like chat room meets the world.  You get to find people to follow that interest you.  You follow them and any thing they have to say in their post or “tweet” you see on your page or “twitter stream”.  By following those that interest you, others can now find you and if they like follow you.  The best way for people to decide if they want to follow you on Twitter is your bio. 

After you are following a few people and you have a follower or two of your own, then the fun begins.  You start tweeting!  You can now tell those following you what is going on in your world.  What did you have for dinner?  What are you reading or looking at on line right then?  Or reply back and forth with those that you are following these are called @ replies and are great for getting to know each other.  This makes it so you can interact with those in your stream and comment on what you find interesting.  Building and strengthing those friendships and contacts along the way.

The one trick to Twitter is that your tweets and bio can only be 140 characters long.  Notice here that I did say characters and not words.  This can get tricky when trying to give alot of information.  But then again alot of info is not how this platform was designed to perform.  The 140 characters is usually a good one to three sentences. 

Why does this work so well, it makes the writer get to the point.  This type of posting format is now being called micro blogging.  And you can find other places well this formatting works well.  For example on Facebook, when you go to tell your friends what you are doing right then.

Socializing and networking on the internet is expanding.  People are finding ways to have relationships with other people that interest them or having something in common with them outside of their hometown communities.  Expanding their power across the global level and having a great time doing it.  So if you are looking for a new friend, expanding your contacts, or are just plain intrigued, check out Twitter.  Try your hand at tweeting and make a new friend or contact today.

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