with a smile :)

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I havent really hung out with any of my friends…i sit here rambling on to my brain …i woke up every two hours last night because i felt like i had an over injection of coffee into my system…at about almost 5am in the morning thinking things over way too much i still can’t sleep….i can’t sleep b’coz things on my mind prevent me from sleeping, only waking…im not good at writing, i feel like there’s so much to write, so much to express….i don’t know the point of any of this, but whatever…

You wouldn’t want to waste time being sad… you wouldn’t want to waste time being angry at someone, or screaming at yourself, or wishing that you were somewhere else…All we’ve got is so short…It’s too short to hold a grudge, it’s too short to rely on your ego… It’s too short to stay in bed because you’re so sure, you’re so so sure that you’ve fallen behind… That you don’t fit… That there’s no way you could ever get back to where you thought you were…We have so many reasons to blame and pull out at any time to use…. I blame myself for something i had no control over or they don’t love me or everything’s changing so quickly so please slow down? So many reasons, but you can look past them, and you can see through them, and once you do you realize that they weren’t that big in the first place… This thing we love and this thing we take for granted, it’s short and fleeting…It’s too short to wish to be somewhere or someone that you aren’t…It’s shorter than you might think…so please….. don’t put things off; apologize, tell someone that you love them, be honest – whatever you need to do… Life is too short to have regrets….. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

I just wish we could all spend part of our lives, looking each other in the eyes when we met, smiled, and just said a passing hello…The world would be so much better with understanding and people realizing that something as simple as a smile can brighten someone’s day…when someone’s troubling you, listen, and if you can’t listen, don’t ignore them, just be kind …why don’t we listen? ( aahhhmm..me?hehe )…..we’re so hot and bothered about everything that nobody takes the time to listen to anyone anymore? well, dare to listen…

Happiness isn’t about finally getting to the end of that path of suffering…. It’s about finding the joy in walking the path…. I know it’s corny and i know that you’ve heard it before, but all that we really have is the now…. Just remember the next time you’re walking in the street to make sure you make eye contact with as many people as you get a chance and just smile… A smile is the simplest way that we can spread happiness and can spread a hopeful message and laugh fear in the face…Be kind… Listen….Smile….. sometimes you can build someone’s entire world up with a smile…. : )


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