Rod Blagojevich impeachment : Ilinois governor impeachment

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Rod Blagojevich was voted off of his governor seat. The state Senate voted 59 to 0 to removed Blagojevich according to the

Chicago AFP. Rod Blagojevich was arrested for corruption and trying to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat for personal benefit. He’s not able to hold any future political office in Illinois and he was replaced by Governor Pat Quinn. President Obama Barack wished Governor Pat Quinn well in office and was glad that the problem was removed. He was found guilty of pay to play politics where he would asked for donations for favors in return. He was also pushing for high paying job for himself and his wife.

Senate president John Cullerton told reporters ” he has deliberately and pathologically abused his power without regard to the people he was elected to serve.” Blagojevich trial is still to be set months or years from now. He said that he was ” saddened and disappointed but not at all surprised” by the vote because “the fix was in from the very beginning” according to the Chicago AFP.

He also told reporters that ” they threw me out of office today and didn’t prove up one single act of wrongdoing, Now, that is just so fundamentally un-American” “I’m going to keep fighting to clear my name,” he added. “I guess I will just have to wait until I have my day in court.” Senator Sale Righter said this about Blagojevich prior to the vote, ” Blagojevich is a devious cynical, crass and corrupt politician, and someone from whom the people of this state must be protected.” Rod Blagojevich still wants to clear his name in court and said he did nothing wrong.



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