We’re Not Alone

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Warning if you are easily offended by religious beliefs don’t read!

Ok so as of recently I have been in a heated debate between the existence of Aliens and God. This is how I see it,

The universe as we know is pretty much unlimited, we have no idea of the things out there, how many galaxies, planets or anything is out there. How can anyone be so sure that there are no other life on other planets? I would love to know what that feels like to think that. Just because we have a lot of species on our planets doesn’t mean that no other planet can host life. Just because we need certain things to live doesn’t mean that everything does.

From all the very religious people Ive talked to Ive gathered that God Created everything in the universe, but we are the only living things in the universe. First of all, I would like to understand how that would be possible in the first place, If god created the universe, how did god come into creation? Secondly why would God pick Earth to host life? There is nothing truly special about Earth. People say oh if you want to know this stuff why don’t you read the bible? I say why? Why am i going to read something that is proven to be written 200 years after Jesus was around? I’m pretty sure that most people at a young age have played that game where your in a little circle of friends and you say one thing to the person and then you pass it around the circle then the last person says it out loud and about 98% of the time its not what the first person said. Like The Oreo cakester commercial it starts off as Billy’s got an oreo cakester and ends with Billys got his first chest hair. Now take that scenario and put it in a 200 year period. Guaranteed somethings are going to change.

Now heres something a little personal that I’m going to share. My step mother has caused me so much pain and un necessary amounts of stress of my life. She was pretty religious to begin with and my dad really wasn’t, now my dad wasn’t exactly Mr perfect either, he was a drunk when i was really little. Now i remember being forced to go to church with them when i was a little younger, and i remember hearing something about god forgiving you for your sins, and it made me think, No matter how bad you have treated someone or have done bad things, going to church and asking god makes it all better. I think not, Just because god forgives you for what you have done doesn’t mean the people you have hurt in the process do. After thinking about this I have come to the conclusion that when you ask god for forgiveness its more of a comfort kind of thing instead of a real thing, I know that no matter how many times my step mom asks for forgiveness from god i will never forgive her for what she has done to me. As for my dad he has made a huge turn around in his life and I am proud but still he has messed up pretty bad and God may have forgiven him but i don’t.

In the debate about how mankind came into existence, personally I believe that the evolutionary theory makes the most sense. Most of the things in the universe can be explained by science (as much as i hate to admit that). How the planets came to be how and what stars are, what supernovas are and how mankind came to exist. In biology class we had to watch a movie of how mankind came to be and all the different steps that it took to get to where we are today. We have proof of all of this, skeletons, skulls, a lot of things. So as far as one day God decided to make man and whatnot, i don’t think so.

Now to move on to the whole alien debate. The universe is unlimited, countless amounts of galaxies, stars, planets, everything. Now after hearing that come from someone who is really intelligent you start to think, wow what could be out there? Since i was very young I have been very curious about the possibilities of what could exist out there. Ive heard people say that there cant be other life because there aren’t any other planets like earth, and its like hello look around every thing is different, some people need more things than others, calcium, iron, water, fat, everything it all depends on the person, so why does that mean that other life has to be just like us? Who says they need oxygen to breathe?
People have always asked if they exist why don’t we have any evidence of UFOS or aliens,well we do. People jump to conclusions on what they think is real or not, when you go look at pictures, yes some are fake obviously but when you see others, its like hmm, and you hear people go oh its fake its fake, yea and who named you one of those people who sit there and study pictures and determine if they are real or not. Now also the government has a HUGE part in what we see and what we don’t, as dumb as they may seem we don’t know EVERY branch of the government in the united states and the rest of the world for that matter. The guy who shot Kennedy worked for the CIA, so obviously they have stuff they wanna hide.

The crash at Roswell, of coarse they want you to believe that it was just a weather balloon, thats why they send alllll sorts of high end government officials to the scene, to recover a weather balloon. HAHAH. Now i wont get into all of that you can go read it on your own,
Betty and Barney hill, theres another good story you should go read, and the case of Travis Walton.

Now when you read up stuff like that it seems very very unlikley that we are the only living creatures in the universe, and that the uber religious people who believe that god created us and only us are wrong. Religion cant explain everything, thats why some people need to open their mind and see things for how they are not how a certain group of people want them to believe and see and not be so sure that we are alone.


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