How to Adopt a Pit Bull

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Make sure you’re allowed to own a pit. Many home owner’s insurance companies and landlords do not allow you to own a pit bull while under their services due to the public’s fear of them. There are also some cities and counties that forbid the ownership of a pit bull. Before looking at dogs make sure that it’s okay for you to own one without having to move.

Do your research. Is your community the kind that freaks out over little things? Owning a pit bull is a tough deal because many people associate them as being aggressive due to a few bad owners’ decisions to use them as fight dogs. Be prepared with breed facts and history to let people know that it’s bad ownership that causes ANY breed to be aggressive and not a pit’s “natural tendency” to be vicious.

Do you want to purchase a purebred from a breeder? While the security of knowing the dog’s genes is comforting as far as medical reasons go be aware that not all breeders are reputable. Backdoor breeders may say that their puppies are healthy and purebred but they often neglect to give their puppies the appropriate shots and care they need before adoption, and that’s assuming they really are purebred. Using information from the United Kennel Club or looking at ads from DogFancy Magazine (which has strict policies against advertising “fighting pits”) can help you find a quality breeder who knows his/her stuff. 
Willing to open your heart to a rescue dog?

Almost every single animal shelter out there has pit bull mixes coming in and out of their doors on a regular basis. While you will rarely get to know the dog’s background this is a great way to save a pooch that may otherwise be put to sleep or have been stuck in a fight ring. By rescuing a pit bull you are saving a dog from a poor future. There are also many pit bull specific rescue groups such as Bad Rap that can supply you with breed information and training classes. See if there’s one in your area.
Once you get your dog love him/her like no other! Enjoy your pit bull and the peace that comes with saving this breed one dog at a time from being abused and neglected.


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