Runescape Prayer Guide Tips on How To Use Holy Magic in Jagex’s Popular MMORPG

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Prayer in Runescape serves the same role that clerical or priestly magic does in other games. It serves to heal and buff the Runescape character. Prayer is used for both buffing and healing in the game, but it is one of the hardest skills to raise. Merely using a power from the prayer list does not give a Runescape character prayer experience.

Most skills in Runescape have a fairly straight forward process of leveling up which involves using them. Using a spell from the prayer list will not cause the skill to go up. Instead, a player must find and bury bones in order to gain experience. It is often a painstakingly slow process.

Raising Runescape Prayer Experience

Using a spell form the prayer list is not enough to cause a player’s experience in the skill to go up. Insated, a Runescape character must bury bones found on the monsters that he kills. The bones that yield the most prayer experience can only be used by Runescape members, but this restriction only means that the free members can still level up their prayer skill level more slowly. A free player who wants to raise his prayer skill should find and bury big bones, which give 15 experience points when buried.

Getting New Prayers in Runescape

As a Runescape characters level in prayer increases, new buff spells become available that can help a character out as he journeys through the game world. Spells on the prayer list can be used as long as the character has the necessary skill points and level to use them. If a character runs out of skill points, he must return to an altar and pray to recharge his prayer points.

Prayer in Runescape is one of the most frustrating skills to level, but it is the second most powerful skill set in the game. Because there are no limits to the number of skills a Runescape cahracter can learn, there is no reason not to pursue any skill that makes a character’s life easier.

Patience and diligence are required to raise this skill more so than any other skill in Runescape. If a character puts the effort, he will eventually reap the rewards of channeling divine energy. People with less patience may want to try mastering other trade skills in such as smithing , cooking , or fishing . A different skill is used for offensive spells.


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