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Nip/Tuck just keeps getting more and more interesting. This week’s episode really opened the flood gates on what is to come. First, it seems that everyone except Julia got over Sean being able to walk so now he just walks around like nothing is wrong. I have to say that the chick that came in for the butt implants was hilarious, and I absolutely love her.  I hope that they bring her back. In the last episode we saw Olivia was wanting plastic surgery on her face because she thought she was starting to look old.

Sean put the marks on her face and she looked in the mirror, I knew that something wasn’t quite right. Then they were performing the surgery and her heart stopped. I was wondering what could have happened, maybe it was just a complication. When Sean announced that she had died, I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting that, even though by now I should expect the unexpected from this show. Later on when Sean tells Liz that apparently Olivia was taking an antidepressant and didn’t tell anyone and that was what caused her heart to stop, I was surprised. Julia had made the comment that if Sean had done anything on purpose that the autopsy would show it and she would make sure that he never practiced medicine again. This was after the fact that Sean admitted that he still loved her and that he wanted them to be a family again. I never thought that Sean would do something like that, but Sean has become a totally different person since the beginning of the show. So when they found out about Olivia’s medication they were all surprised that she didn’t tell anyone, because she knew what would happen. What really flipped me for a loop was when they brought Eve back and she tried to say that Olivia was feeling guilty about shooting Julia in the head. Now we now that is not true because Eve was the one who shot her. Not only that but Eve also claimed to know that her mother was on antidepressants and that Julia was the one who killed her mother, because her mother was feeling guilty and she had been drinking, when she shot Julia. And then Eve had the nerve to take her mother’s ashes and throw them on Sean and Julia, and then walks out the door.

The other good part to this episode was the woman that Christian met in his breast cancer group. She is a beautiful woman whose mother and sister had died from the disease. She knew that is was only a matter of time before she got it herself. Of course after her and Christian sleep together she asks him to remove her breasts so that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting cancer. He initially agreed and when she went in for surgery he changed his mind and did not think that it was the right thing to do. When she came to from being under anesthesia, Christian informed her of his decision and explained why. She started to cry realizing that she will still eventually get it. Later on she comes in to see Christian and he and Lizzie were in the back, the secretary told her that he was in a consultation. She asked the receptionist if there was an outlet nearby. She went over to some clients that were in the waiting room and said, I think you should sit over there; I began to wonder what in the world she was going to do. When I saw the electric knife that she pulled from her purse, my first reaction was holy sh**! She picked up her breast and took the knife and CUT IT OFF!! Oh my GOD! As soon as Christian and Liz heard the screams they came running and saw what had happened.

Christian did do her surgery after all. Now as far as Liz is concerned I cannot believe that she went on a date with a man. Good for her, even though she has known for a long time that she was a lesbian, she isn’t afraid to explore new options and for most people that is a scary thing to do. I also cannot believe how jealous Christian is over her. I actually think that it’s cute. He is looking at her in a different light, especially since he has seen her with Wilbur; he is thinking that she would make a good mother. And later on he finally tells her that he loves her, he isn’t in love with her at least not yet, nut nonetheless he does love her and she loves him. Christian stated that she loves him unconditionally because she knows who and what he is and is always there for him. And eventually asks her would it be so bad if Wilbur saw her in the mornings three to four times a week would be so bad. She shook her head no, and off to the bedroom they went.  I also saw the previews for next week’s and seems that Christian is going back to being the same a$$hole he has always been. So we will have to see what is going to happen. Stay Tuned.


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