How To Balance Home And Work?

Finding rewarding work and a fulfilling personal life can both be challenging in the modern day and age. Try and follow these strategies to regain control over work-life balance.

  • Decide, prioritise, organise and evaluate. Most of us get so caught up with planning careers that we end up ignoring life’s plan. Ask yourself, what your goals are- emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually and even for personal renewal. Writing things down help as does setting realistic deadlines- now, 6 months, 3 years and even 5 years. While organising our timelines it is important to involve people who will be impacted by them, such as spouse and other family members. Integrating personal goals helps support each other. Reality checks help evaluate progress and leave room for changes as you move forward.
  • Develop coping skill. Remember, the cause of our work-life imbalance may lie outside of us but the responsibility to bounce back must lie within. For example, whenever an adverse situation shows up, which throws things out of gear- try and focus on the two actions which will demonstrate ownership and control in bouncing back. Ask yourself what two actions will ensure an adverse situation from work doesn’t affect your personal life and vice versa.
  • Take the long-term view. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to prioritise and stick to it, we are not able to create a win-win situation for ourselves. There are several occasions when unscheduled demands on personal and professional life have cropped up. These things need to be dealt with as difficult transactions of life and once over, it’s best not to ruminate over them. We must understand that stress may come but don’t let it last too long.

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