Free Funeral Program Template

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Free Funeral Program Template

There is a lot of information which you should put into a funeral program. That is why so many people are looking for a free funeral program template. If you are savvy with the computer, here is the information which you should put into a program.

This information is essential.

  • Full name
  • Surviving family members
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Time, date and place of funeral
  • Officiant
  • Location of interment
  • Short Biography
  • Anyone else who is publicly participating in the service
  • List of funeral songs

This information is optional.(You can add anything you want into it that was personal to the deceased or the the family).

  • Photographs
  • Poetry
  • Thank You (from the family)
  • Artwork which was personal to the deceased.
  • Pallbearers

Free Funeral Program Template Sources

If you are not able to create your own funeral program, then you want to look at some of these resources that offer a free funeral program template. Often a free funeral program template can be better than starting from scratch, but they can be difficult to customize.

Funeral Program Site

This site offers many different free funeral program templates in addition to a lot of other information on how to do a funeral. They also operate a business in creating resources for funerals. This is a California based graphic design company. This is a great resource because they create unique programs for every customer.

Free Funeral Program Template on Love to Know

This website has a lot of information on different subjects in addition to a death and dying section. They have a great resource for creating programs and for downloading a free funeral program template.


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