How to Lead a Green Office

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Step 1.

printer_Thumb.jpg Use These Wisely! When it comes to printing and printers, print double-sided. If you really need the printed page for later, you can put it in a binder and it reads just like a book!

Discourage the printing of emails. Not only is it a waste of paper, but if it is a sensitive email and is left out, it could be a security violation.

Step 2.

telecommute_Thumb.jpg Save Gas and Stay Home! Encourage telecommuting. Who doesn’t want to work from homemag-glass_10x10.gif and avoid a painful commute. With gas prices and maintenance costs for cars, save that money and work from home.

Additionally, use teleconferences or WebEx instead of traveling . Often time, the same information can be shared without getting on a plane. Additionally, a web-based presentation can reach a potentially larger audience cheaper than a trade show.

Step 3.

recyclebin_Thumb.jpg Take advantage of recycling plans from your solid waste collection agency. By calling facilities or the property manager, you may be able to get bins to recycle paper, plastic and aluminium.

Although “reduce, reuse, recycle” isn’t a catchy phrase, it does have a very practical meaning. Office recycling is good for the bottom line, it can motivate ecologically concerned employees, and is easy.

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