How to Talk to Your Manager

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Step 1.

Often I am asked, “How do I approach my manager with a concern?” In most cases, the concern itself isn’t as important as the approach and discussion. The answer to question is clear and honest communication.

Develop the clear an honest communication through a clear understanding of the facts and the ability to listen to alternatives.

Step 2.


Listen, Listen, Listen.

It is possible that your concern is a function of corporate conditions, or other circumstances beyond the control of your management. Be ready to listen to your management. Understand their position and the position of the company. Your concern might actually be exposing a larger issue that was otherwise unknown. In either case, listen honestly, and be prepared to offer solutions.

Step 3.


Once you have addressed your concern, follow up with an email. The email should first thank your manager for their time. Secondly, record what was discussed and what the outcome was. This type of documentation helps to remind the manager of the discussion and take-aways they committed to. Additionally, it also serves as a record that you brought your concern to management.

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