How to Deal with Disappointment

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Step 1.

downinthedumps_Thumb.jpg In our lives we take chances and calculated risks to improve our situation. In some cases they don’t work out. Say you have the “perfect” job lined up and have aced all of the interviews, but the come back and tell you they went with somebody else. That can be quite a blow, but of the time and emotional investment involved.

The first step to getting over the disappointment is to acknowledge there are some circumstances that you just can’t change. Once you understand what is in your “sphere of control,” and what isn’t, getting over the disappointment is much easier.

Step 2.

consider_Thumb.jpg Conduct an honest self-assessment. If you were turned down for a job, or some work was judged not optimum, perhaps their is something about your skills that is lacking. Maybe you need more formal education, or maybe just more experience. How many American Idol potentials just couldn’t sing and blamed their disappointment on the judges? An honest self-assessment and the help of a trusted adviser would have spared them that pain.

Step 3.

happy33_Thumb.jpg Be willing to change. Perhaps your self-assessment identified that you need more education, or that you need more experience. While it hurts, the lesson learned is very valuable. In learning about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, we are able to identify new possibilities and new potential. While change is difficult, it may be just what you need to get over the disappointment and to be empowered.

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