How to Make Baby Food and Freeze it.

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Things You’ll Need:

* Frozen or fresh Vegetables
* Frozen or fresh Fruit
* Water
* Pot to boil water
* Baby food Grinder/Puree
* Trays or freezer containers

Step 1

If you haven’t done so already make sure you have the right equipment to make your baby food . You will need an electric baby food mill/grinder, containers to put your puree in like Glad Mini-Round 4 oz containers which freeze really well or even just plain ice cube trays work.

Step 2

Go to the store and pick the freshest produce. If this is the first food your baby will eat I would chose pears or sweet potato to start out. Any veggies or fruit I can get frozen I usually buy. Others I will buy fresh. Most of the time Frozen is better than fresh. They freeze produce right after processing than fresh produce that may sit in a truck for days. Just be smart.

Step 3

If you have fresh produce: Clean, Peel, and cut into small chunks or slices. Boil or steam till soft and let cool for a few minutes. Add to grinder and add in some of the boiled water that was used for the produce or you can use breastmilk or just plain water.

Step 4

If you have frozen produce: Just add the frozen produce to the boiling water and boil until tender. Like the fresh produce wait until cooled and add to grinder. I like frozen because you don’t have to peel or slice anything. Add in your liquid to make the puree. Add in plain water, breast milk or your boiled water.

Step 5

Once you have your puree done add it to your containers or trays. Containers are so much easier to use because you just add in your puree about 3/4 way and put the top on (release any air). Then you just put them into the freezer!

Step 6

If you use ice cube trays or baby food trays some people store them different. With the ice cube trays some will put the puree in each hole, freeze then after freezing will put two cubes in separate freezer bags. Now with silicone baby food trays you just put the puree in the holes and use the lid provided with the trays and freeze them. No need to put the cubes in separate freezer bags to store them.

Step 7

To thaw them is easy. If you have them in containers just put a few in the fridge to use them for the next couple days. They will thaw on their own. Or you can put the containers in a bowl of hot water, with the lid on, and it will thaw with in 20 minutes. Some people use the microwave put putting plastic in the microwave is not safe and sometimes you will lose the nutrients will microwaving the food.


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