How To Dress Younger-And How To Look Less Young When You Need To

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  • Keep up. Read through a fashion magazine or check out an online one every two or three months to get a basic idea of what’s new. Besides the obvious ones like Glamour or Vogue, also check out young-oriented magazines like Jane. And you don’t have to like or own any of it; you’re just looking for new ideas.
  • Be open. Don’t automatically assume that because you’re a “mature older”, heavy-figured, or have certain tastes, that you can’t wear youthful styles. For example, if you prefer pants to dresses, but are still wearing “high waters”, start to look in magazines and stores for more youthful looks. A pair of skinny jeans, perhaps?
  • Expand your shopping horizons. Check out trendier stores, departments, and labels to find the younger takes on the trends.
  • Buy and wear at least one “with it” item each season. This can be a pair of shoes, a new bag, or a top.
  • If you think it’s too trendy, get it in black. What ever it is, it will look more sophisticated –and less young-in black. For example, picture big black sunglasses vs. hot pink ones or a black halter dress vs. a lime green one. See?

And if you want to look less young, period:

  • Never wear the most extreme versions of a trend. DO NOT wear teeny-tiny tops, red short-shorts or thigh-high minis, and super-high platform shoes, especially if you’re well past 35. It just seems like a desperate attempt to stay young. Only Tina Turner can carry this off!
  • If you wear one very trendy piece, make the others not so.
  • Wear one trend per item.
  • A color-color, such as red, green, or purple will give off a younger look than a neutral one.
  • Shop at places where you’ll find the trends in adult versions.
  • Buy better quality. Instead of pursuing junior brands which tend to chase one trend after the other. Seek out those that are likely to be better quality, slightly more expensive, and a lot classier-looking.

You have mastered style when you have a consistent look that also allows room for surprises and seasonal evolution.


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