Have fun with your guest playing a Super bowl game.

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So there is going to be a party at your place on Super bowl day. You are excited that you are going to have people over. You are prepared with food you are going to serve. The only thing you are not prepared is how to entertain your guess. You want to make your Super bowl party fun, and exciting. Here, I have the two games that you could play with your guests while watching the game. These games would be excitement to your party.

First game should start at the beginning of the game. Ask your guest to pick what team is going to win. Once you ask each guest the team they think is going to win, ask them also to pick a score. Write down the name of the guest, the name of the team, and score. Explain to your guest that the score they pick is the amount they will win. Be sure to tell your guest before starting the game what is the highest score they could write down. Also explain that if one of your guest wins with his score or close his score, each guest would provide that amount. Example, if your guest picks Steelers as their team, and a score of 45, the guest who came close to the winning score or has a score of 45 wins the 45 dollars. If there is tight with two guests, they share the winning amount.

Another alternative to this game is you could write the scores and teams in a small piece paper. Then your guest would pick from a bowl. Whatever they pick out of bowl that will be there team and score. At the end of the game the guest who picks the winning team with the score or the closes wins. This game would bring excitement to your party, if play correctly.  


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