Wine in a Bra?!? Six Fun Gift Ideas for Valentines Friends

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Face it ladies, there just aren’t enough men to go around.  For every 100 single women, there are 86 available men.  Out of those 86, you are lucky to find even one worth dating.  It may be easier to successfully apply make-up during a plane crash than find a quality man.  Instead of mourning Valentines Day this year, you can help your single buddies celebrate with these great girlfriend gifts at some of the most interesting web sites around.

Uncommon Goods

This website is full of recycled and art inspired gifts.  One favorite is a book called “Porn for Women”.  This cute little book contains pictures of handsome young men doing housework with captions like, “Have another piece of cake. I don’t like you looking so thin.”  At only $12.00, it is a good buy for a great friend.

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate?

We just love to eat chocolate.  What better way to show her she is a good friend than some custom printed M&Ms?  Go to and order a package of printed M&Ms for your good friend.  With gifts starting as low as $3.99, you can afford to get one for each of your best friends.

For Your Drinking Buddy

This one has to be seen to be believed!  It’s a bra, no it’s a wine bladder, no it’s both!  This sports-bra style wine bladder will let you carry your beverages in secret with you.  It is also fabulous boost to your bust.  This is great for that friend to whom Mother Nature has been less than kind.  A little pricey for a friendship gift, but well worth the laugh at $29.95.  Find it at


We all know someone who can make us laugh with her sarcasm.  Give some cheekiness back with this fun gift.  The sarcasm ball is a version of the Magic 8 Ball that gives responses like, “ask me if I care” and “yeah right”.  She will appreciate this tribute to her sense of humor.  You can get it at for about $7.

Stuck on Hold     

For that friend with a desk job that is forever stuck on hold, give an Origami Sticky Pad.  This is a fun and inexpensive gift for only $4.00 at  Not only will she think of you while she is on hold, she will learn something new!

Who Needs a Man?

Great for any of your single girlfriends, the Who Needs a Man Wine Glass is sure to please.  It is pretty, pink and artistic.  You can find it for $23.95 at, “A Perfectly Cheeky Breakup Boutique”.

Each of these gifts will make your friend smile and make you look smart too!  For more great gift ideas, google “unique gifts” and “funny gifts” and find your friends something they had no idea they needed.


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