Breastfeeding Your Baby Successfully

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Learn proper latch on technique while still in the hospital. If you’re having problems, please ask to speak with a nurse or breastfeeding  consultant on staff. It’s best to start out right to avoid any future difficulties.

Realize there will be a week or so of soreness, even when you’re doing everything right. This will pass. Stick it out. Try rubbing a little milk on the breast if they get chapped or cracked.

Drink lots of milk and water to build and keep a good milk supply. Your body needs liquid in order to make milk.  Eat healthy foods too.

Make a breastfeeding basket and place it by your preferred chair. Insert a good book, tv remote, whatever you need to keep you busy while breastfeeding.

Enjoy your time with your child. The bond and closeness that breastfeeding provides will be worth the effort. Know that you are giving your child the most loving, nutritious start in life.


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