How to Survive a Home Renovation

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Step 1.

packingbox_Thumb.jpg Get lots of boxes! You got yourself into this mess, and you can live with it! If you haven’t already done so, pack away all of your valuables and breakables. With the folks in and out of your house everyday, don’t risk it. Also, pack away all of those things that aren’t necessary for everyday life.

Step 2.

storageshed_Thumb.jpg Store them! Put your packed items in either a storage shed or a self-storage rental unit. In case you are too diligent in packing, you will easy access to the stuff you put away. Once stuff is safely out of the house, inside work goes much faster. Also, you may that the stuff in storage shed can be donated to charity.

Step 3.

shop-vac_Thumb.jpg Can’t live without it! Buy and use a commercial shop-vac. Construction and renovation create dust and debris. No matter how great your crew is, and how well they clean the area, the debris has a way of showing itself after the crew leaves for the day.

Don’t even think of vacuuming up construction debris with a regular home vacuum. Also, don’t vacuum nails with a shop-vac, just pick them up.

Step 4.

happy33_Thumb.jpg Work diligently with your contractor to establish as firm of time table as possible. Set the expectation that you will live in the house, but are flexible to make the job go faster.

This is an ongoing process. Sometimes the job goes faster or slower than expected. Sometimes you just can’t get stuff moved in a timely fashion and your need help.

Keep the communications channel open, and be honest!


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