How to forget someone you love

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1. Keep yourself busy with work that pays. Money, magically could cure your broken heart.
2. Do outdoor activities such as exercising and sports. Doing something that exhaust your body can get you off your mind and broken heart.
3. Find a heavy or a busy hobby like traveling or hobbies that involves a lot of thinking like making puzzles or writing theater scripts.
4.Hang around with your good friends a lot having fun doing what you like with them.
5.Find a new person to have fun with. But make sure you’re making it clear that you just want to have fun and had just ended in a bad relationship. You must tell the other person or else you’ll be causing one bad heart break too.
6. Always remind yourself that you are away better than the person who breaks your heart. You deserve better and you will meet a better person in the future.
7. You could keep in mind that God loves you and wants you to be with a better person who will love you and appreciate your love more.
8. Adopt a pet like a dog, cat or a fish. Playing or even watching their actions could make your heart happy and not think about the other person.
9. This could be the last resort, but adopting a kid or a baby could also heal your heart. The adopted kid will definitely be yours forever and will love you.


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