The Time is Now

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When Jesus comes, where will you spend eternity?
When you open your eyes I am here for you. The time that you fell alsleep I already knew. I am closer to you then any brother or mother. My name is Jesus Christ there is not another. Love and compassion I have always given. Salvation is free and everlasting life has been delivered. Trust me in all my ways. And before you go to bed learn to pray. How anyone can claim to be the father. One day is like a thousand years,a brighter tomorrow. The sun,moon and the stars I have displayed. I am the truth, the life, the only way. In the beginning of creation I had you on my mind. Never will I rush you, I’ll take my time. Keep on wathching and believing because I care. In a moment in time I will be there. You will be able to enter the place prepared for you. We will be one family,one nation and this is true. The wages of sin is death but the gift of salvation is life. What if Jesus came tonight? Where would you spend eternity?


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