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In this article I would like to explore with you the readers, ways in which to “write articles”, that will standout, build your reputation as a writer and increase your readership. Writing is a craft and is forever in a constant state of change. As you the writer grows and expand your knowledge, so will your craft.

Some are not as complicated as some may indicate or think. First of all, every writer has to start somewhere before they sit down and put pen to paper or in our case, type to script. So when an individual decides he or she would like to write a piece on something, the first thing they should do is what is called “Brain Storming”.

This is simply writing down the ideas that come to your mind as you sit there at your table drinking a morning coffee or eating breakfast. Some of the best articles in publication can come from one’s own life experiences. Every one of us have years of life experiences that we can bring into play and use in writing high quality compositions. An old friend once told me, “If you’re going to write, start by writing something you know a lot about.” A good example of this might be, “Fishing” or “Career Choice”.

Once you have your ideas on paper, it may help to form what is called, “Word Clusters.” This will also help to overcome what many of a writer term, “Writer’s Block.” This individual likes to start simple; he takes the word, “fish” and begins to jot down everything that he can think of that relates to the subject. This could cover type, size, location, environment, etc… Then he expands further by jotting down descriptive words like, color, feelings, etc… The writer can expand on his or her word clusters as much or as little as they wish.

Now at this place in time take the words you have clustered and use a “Key Word Generator.” This in turn will amaze the creator of the article as it will produce some very powerful “Key Words” that you can incorporate into your master piece. Take these words and began to make subtitles on which you can also expand on as you write one or two paragraphs for each subtitle. Only put up to seven sentences for each paragraph with a minimum of three sentences. This will keep the reader from getting bored and allow them to rest as they read.

This individual likes to use the standard, (What, Who, When, Where, How, Why and Results), when “Brain Storming” a topic to write about. Classical journalism approach is what I have come to term it as. I find it to be very effective for me as a writer. Try it you may soon agree with me. The writer is not done now by a long shot. This is where the creation of your master piece becomes interesting and very time consuming. This individual likes to write several rough drafts of his article.

When beginning to write the article, sometimes it is easier to begin writing from the end of it to the beginning of it. Many writers have their own way of doing things this is mine. Once my first draft is written in “Rough Form”, It is set aside and this person likes to reward himself by taking a walk or just sitting outside and relaxing for a half hour or so. When I return, I reread the rough draft and write it again trying to expand on my thoughts. This once completed is my second draft and another reward is then taken. This procedure works well and it is continued until it is felt the composition is the very best I can do.

Sometimes others will say to me as a writer, “Wow your Gifted”. This always gets a very quick and often blunt response from me. Writing is a lost craft and 99% hard work; you get what you put into it. So expand your craft, by educating yourself more and read as many different kinds of literature as you possibly can. You may also find it helpful to invest in a dictionary and a college thesaurus, these are valuable tools, and no writer should be without them.

When you pick a title for your article, again it is very important that you choose one that will be seen easily and grabs the attention of those that are surfing the web sites. If the title is not attractive, many times it will be just passed over and you will lose potential readers. I hope this article will be helpful in some small way to those that have decided to take up the writing craft here on Triond.


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