Ways to save on Heating your home

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The general idea to conserve on heating, is to stop the cold air that is finding its way in . Do a cold air search, stop the cold air in its tracks by targeting these small areas:

  • Make your doors draft free . Do a thorough draft check a around all your doors . If you feel cold air coming from around the sides and top of the door, apply weatherstripping . Drafts from the bottom? Use a door draft blocker, to keep the cold air at bay.
  • Treat your window’s to a little plastic . Apply plastic window treatments to your windows that aren’t double pained. You can find them for $1.00 each, usually in a box of 10. Very easy to apply , put it on and you will be on your way to stopping those drafts
  • Use socket foam covers – Unscrew the covers from your outlets, you may be shocked to feel the cold air suddenly come rushing in. If you do , buy foam sealers that fit right inside your socket cover. This can actually cut down your energy cost by 20%

Besides targeting the little things, there are some areas that could be draining on your heating , right in front of you :

Block off unused rooms

Don’t just close the door, but do what you can to seal the room from cold drafts. Hang a blanket up behind the door, or use plastic if you won’t be using the room at a

Buy a small electric space heater

These little inexpensive heaters can be a real money saver. Most have a temperature gage , and will shut off once its reached the temperature you have set . You can use them in your main room , and be able to turn down the thermostat and still feel warm. (Always be careful to follow safety directions on the instructions when running a heater)

These are just a few of the many ways you can save money on your heating cost. Stay diligent and aware , and you will be on your way to saving much more in the cold months.


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