Credit Cards And Debts

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You can do this by relying on other means to paid your bills instead of relying on your credit card. When you’re young and not in debt yet, it’s this time that you must learn to manage your finances. This means getting a job so that you have extra money to pay your bills and saving a certain percentage of the money that you earned. Next, you can plan on paying your monthly bills from existing savings instead of credit cards.

You should only use credit cards for emergency purposes and to build your credit or just in amounts that you can paid off at the end of each month. Credit card debt can be eliminated if it’s within paying means but if it’s beyond your paying means than you have to figure out other ways to get rid of it like filing for bankruptcy because if you owe anywhere from 30K and up then chances are you will be paying late fees and interest pretty much at the end of the month. You’re pretty much chasing your own tails and there won’t be a chance when you can get rid of it any time soon. It’s not such a pleasant topic with credit card debt so you must learn to prevent it instead of learning how to get rid of it.

Prevention is the best medicine. However, if you’re stuck with a debt, then you have to start working on it and that means paying it off or filing for bankruptcy and wait for it to be out of your system in 7 years. For a lot of people, filing for bankruptcy is the only option left because they would owe more than 100K and it’s tough to pay all of that off. It’s hard to do that when you only make about three to four thousands per month. If you owe anywhere from 10k and below than you can still try to pay it off but that will take awhile too when you already have so much bills to pay for like mortgage, monthly child care, daily living cost and so forth. Credit card debt is one of the most problematic issues with Americans and for some they have no credit left because they have to file for bankruptcy. Therefore, you can learn from experience and prevent getting into such a sticky situation like high credit card debt. Prevention is always the best medicine.


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