How Do You Manage Your Time

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Have you ever done this?  Written a to do list that you need to accomplish at your home based business.  And then you get up and your kid is sick or the dog got loose or any other fill in the blank.  And then your day starts off going in the wrong direction.  By the time you sit down to do your work, you have lost track of your list or no longer have the time you need to implement and finish your must do list. 

I know that I am guilty of this.  I know that I have gotten interupted often with my kids and family and others that did not consider my time as valuable.  At least not as that I was working and that time was for my business.  I used to stop everything and take care of everyone elses needs, then tried to catch up on all that work missed after everyone went to bed.   This was not fair to myself, because I was missing sleep and it really was not fair to them because I was not my best self.

I decided one day to take a look at how I was functioning and realized that others did not value my time, because I was not valuing my time.  It then became my goal to prove to them, that I was working too. And that I would make time for them when I was not working.  I had to make a schedule and let others know this was my time and I would be available latter for them.  I really improved my work and the relationships with my family and friends.  Part of that being because I felt like I was accomplishing my goals and needs, the other part being that my family realized I actually had a business to run.

Here are my top 3 tips for managing your time

  1. Make a to do list for each day.  Aim to achieve the top 20% of that list each day.
  2. Make a schedule or block of time you will work each week and the times.  Then stick to it.
  3. Let others know your schedule and let them know you will be available for them any other time but not while you are working.

I do hope that these tips help you to make a better schedule and make you realize your time is worth it.  You need others to know you are working and they need to know that your time is valuable to you and your business.  And if the point does not get across start charging your family and friends for the time they are trying to take from you.  They will get the hint fast.  Happpy scheduling.


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