Finance tips: how to avoid IRS auditing

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It’s probably to our best interest that the IRS don’t focus too much on our return. It can get messy if we’re caught or that we have to prove ourselves. You can spend time making trips to meet up with the IRS and then having to show them bit and pieces of records that you might not even have or saved in the first place. You can want to make the IRS happy so that you don’t have to be audit and potentially fine with hundreds of thousands of dollars and be charge with a criminal record. This is something that we all want to avoid but there have been many people in the past that have been fined and charged for tax evasions and most notably are celebrities due to their exceedingly high income. Celebrities make in the hundred millions zone to billions and they do top most Americans so the IRS like to audit those people often.

If you’re a celebrity or someone who has an income in the millions bracket, it’s to your advantage that you do your taxes with legal intention so that you don’t end up spending time proving yourself to the IRS and be fine and charge for tax evasions. I have seen these stories on the News all the time about celebrities and high income people being charged for tax evasion. It could be tempting because when you make a lot of money you also pay a lot of taxes too and it’s hurting your eyes just by looking at the amount that is being cut on each of your check. I used to look at my check and say that the amount that they cut is not justifiable in the services that they provide for my tax dollars. They say your tax dollar goes to public services for the general public but every time I’m in need of a service from a public service, it was worse than bad. It was horrific in some cases. The librarian at my local library tape off all of the electrical outlets for the laptop users one time when they saw that people were coming there to feed off of it. I thought that the tax dollars do go to places like a public library but it didn’t seem like it in most cases. I’m pretty sure you don’t like the idea of a high tax cut either and that’s why you must write to your Congressman. Going back to avoiding auditing, you should always do your taxes legally and have all records to prove your deductions.

It’s never an OK thing to think that you can do a lot without getting audited. Chances are they will see your red flag. They do even if you don’t make a lot of money and so you should do it right. Every time you file tax, the office will at least look at it once for very unusual deduction and if they see a suspicious number, then they’ll be right after you. If you have all the number just right, then they won’t audit you but if you have a very unusual number, you should be sure to have the records to prove it to them. When it comes to taxes, always save your records for all of your deductions and always do the legal thing. The IRS likes to talk to you when things go wrong so you want to stay away from their friends list. You don’t want them to come after you.


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