Science About Seasonal Affective Disorder

Despite the fact that the universal reason of Seasonal Affective disorder is not known, there are several ideas at why many people are affected. SAD is a collection of feelings that have the altogether end result of a person becoming fatigued and despondent during the winter months. These symptoms are assumed to be produced by hidden issues.

Central Thermostat
One of the first concepts underneath Seasonal Affective disorder was the idea that the body performs much like a heating system does. A central thermostat mechanism oversees the body’s heating level.

What does this Thermostat do?
While the body feels anxiety in the environment the thermostat replies by providing the body a cocktail of hormones and chemicals. One of these chemical is known as Serotonin. It is one of the body’s neurotransmitter chemicals and it performs an important position in transferring indicators to and from the brain.This chemical plays a crucial position in Seasonal affective disorder.

There is a problem with my Serotonin?
Another component of the chemical mix is the compound called Melatonin. This compound oversees the sleep cycles of most living things. So if you have difficulty sleeping its not your fault! You may simply have a obstacle with melatonin!

What’s the connection?
The unfortunate thing is the the connection between all these compounds is not absolutely known. Despite this, a universal association  is known.

Anytime the body is in a darker location, Serotonin production will increase. Melatonin production is influenced by the Serotonin. Without a healthy source of Melatonin, sleep cycles governed by the Circadian rhythm are affected, for better or worse. So in general, the more serotonin the greater the influence on melatonin manufacturing.

In a nutshell a unhealthy balance of Serotonin and Melatonin can be detrimental to the normal function of the human body. It is important that all these complex parts of the body work together to be healthy and feel healthy.

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