How to Discourage Your Toddler From Being Naughty

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If your toddler does any sort of behavior that you don’t like then don’t give too much attention of any sort. If your little one is kicking and screaming for candy, just give them a stern look for split second so that they know you are not happy and just walk away. Don’t say a word. They may go on and on with the screams but once they see you aren’t interested, they will eventually calm down. Once they have, kneel down and look them in the eye and explain in an easy manner why this behavior is not acceptable and also not rewarding. Show them the right way and reward them enthusiastically once they perform it.


Sometimes toddlers have a hard time expressing themselves which causes frustration. If you feel your toddler is being naughty, banging and punching everything, then provide him/her with an outlet to express their anger. Give them their own “anger pillow” and let them punch it until they feel better. You’d be surprised how good that may feel for them.


Toddlers are copycats, they like to do everything you do. If you exhibit aggressive behavior then they are likely to pick it up too. Try not to lose it in front of your child and show them that you deal with problems calmly and confidently. That may be hard to do but once you try you’ll eventually get used to it. Planning your reaction ahead of time will really help. If your child hits a lot then plan how you will react to it once it happens.


Always be gentle with toddlers and give them lessons on why it’s nice to be nice. Be consistent and it will soon become routine.


If you ever make a mistake with your toddler always make sure to say you’re sorry. They will more likely be able to apologize for their mistake too if they see you have no problem doing so.

Last but not least, if you see that your toddler is about to get all naughty with you, try and distract him/her. Not only are toddlers easily distracted but their naughty mode can easily shift to happy mode. It’s like changing gears of a manual car for them. That simple.


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