How to Lose Tummy Flab

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crunches_Thumb.jpg To get that toned tummy you’ve always wanted, start by doing crunches. Every person should start slow but try to build yourself up to do 100 crunches. For 1st timers, start with 10 and gradually, day by day, increase the number of repetitions. For those who are used to exercising, try to do 30 reps, then 50, then gradually aim for a 100.


BentKneeLegRaises_Thumb.jpg After the crunches, start doing the leg raises. You need to target that lower abdomen. Make sure your knees are slightly bent as you raise your legs up and down. Again, start slow and gradually build yourself up to do 50 reps.

bike2_Thumb.jpg Now this is the most important exercise you can do for that flabby tummy. Its called the bicycle and what you have to do is put your hands behind your head, lift your shoulder blades off the ground, and try to get your right elbow to your left knee while your right leg is out. build yourself up to do 50 reps. This exercise is not easy but you need to work on it since it IS the most effective one.


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