How to Prevent Yourself From Over-eating

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glass-of-water_Thumb.jpg Every time you are about to indulge yourself, pause, and take a small moment of your time to get a LARGE glass of water. Water may not be the drink of your choice but here is where the will power kicks in.


GlassesOfWater_Thumb.jpg Drink water before and after a meal and you will find that you get full faster. If you make it a habit, your body will slowly adjust itself to want water before and after meals. Soon you will find that you can stop eating before getting full to make room for that glass of water.

WeightLoss_Thumb.jpg Depending on how much you drink, you will find that you can get full from medium sized meals, and if you drink even more water, you’ll get full from small sized meals. Water is a good addition to your diet because it keeps your organs functioning properly. Not only will you lose weight, but also you will feel healthier 😉


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