How to Make Your Own Body Wax

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BoilingWater_Thumb.jpg Boil a cup of water in a small pot. Once the water is bubbling, add the sugar and stir for 10 minutes.


waxspoon_Thumb.jpg Keep stirring until the mixture does not drip from your spoon but trickles in an unbroken line. The color should be a light golden yellow by that time.


lemon-squeeze_Thumb.jpg Add a few drops of lemon and stir for around 5 minutes.

Honey_Thumb.jpg You should find the mixture getting somewhat thick. Transfer a spoon of wax to a flat plate (preferably glass) so that it can cool down. Once its warm, take a piece with your hand and roll it around so that it becomes more solid. If it makes a round ball then its ready for use!


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