You can’t pick your family, but…..

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Do you ever wonder why your family sometimes gets on your nerves? Have you ever wished for a different set of parents or maybe a different brother or sister?  Well, I have! I won’t tell you all the annoying things that my family does to get on my last nerve. And I bet right now you are thinking of some of those things YOUR family does to make you want to tear your hair out and run away from them forever. You are not alone!  I will share just one story of my many that  has filled my life with joy and love.

Only a year ago did I begin playing a online game called URU.  I took to the game quit quickly, as I had played the five single player games in the Myst series.  It was my first online interactive game and I loved how comfortable it felt to solve the puzzles and succeed at finishing the game.  But the thing that kept me coming back online to ‘play’ was the people I met there.  I met many too. People from all around the world and from all walks of life who were practiced many disciplines.  It was a loving, caring community who was always ready to come to the aid of one another.

One day I met a woman named Markae.  We talked a while and immediately made a connection. As weeks and then months went by we talked more and more and I found myself looking forward to seeing her name pop up on my buddy list. We seemed to know what the other was going to say and how the other one was feeling. All of this through only a bunch of pixels that formed our avatars. I never met her in reallife and we never spoke of ‘crossing over into reallife’ or planned a meeting.

Unfortunately, the game was taken offline and I lost touch with many of my uruite family.  However, my touchstone and I exchanged email addresses and continued to keep in touch.  Our friendship has grown so much over time and we have truly become close through our show of support and love for one another.  We not only call each other ‘Sister’, but our hearts are truly bound to each others and she will always live in my heart as my sister.

Today, I received a phone call from my sister and it was the most wonderful feeling I have had in some time. We have finally crossed over into reallife now and my heart is glowing from the love she gave to me today.  You see her mother’s spirit has passed on recently and she shared her experience of her mother’s beautiful passing with me….. her sister.

So, you see…..we do pick our family!  There are many in this world who can show us love and become our family. We just have to take the time to seek them out and to share with them and show them the love that lives in our hearts.


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