Skate 2 Review

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The other day I was watching tv and i flipped to the video game channel, after watching for a while they showed some clips of the game Skate 2, I thought it looked very interesting so the next day i decided to download the demo. I have played the first game at my freinds house and I like it alot. When I started to play, It had a pretty interesting story to it. The main character had been in jail for 5 years and in that time the city had taken a lot of preventive measures to stop people skateboarding in public places.

After the intro you get to customize your character. Now I only did the guy character but there is a female option. You can customize his hair, facial hair, eye color , the shape and size and definition of certain facial features, there wasnt a whole lot to do and I’m hoping this was just becasue it was the demo version.

Next you got to choose clothes, there was a pretty wide of pretty popular and not so popular names, like Audio, Etnies, Macbeth, and more. You can choose hats, shirts, pants, accessories, tattoos, and skateboard stuff.  Now I only did the basics as it was the demo and not the whole thing. For hats you can choose 7 different ways to wear it. Shirts you can choose 3 differnt sizes, and the pants didn’t really have any choices.

When after your done checking out of the store (everything actually does cost game money) you can choose how you want your trucks and wheels be on the skateboard, now I’m no skater so I askee my freind and he messed around wiht the tightness and loosness of everything and he said it was pretty realistic.

Ok so you finally got you stuff all customized they way you want, now here come the fun.

Skate offered a totally different way to play the game then say, any of the Tony Hawk series. Instead of pressing different buttons to do stuff like in Tony Hawk (X to ollie, Square for kick tricks, Circle for Grabs ect..) in Skate you have to use the analog sticks to do the tricks. The right analog stick is for tricks and the left if for rotation of the character. To ollie in this game you have to push the right analog stick down and snap it back up to jump, the longer you hold it down, the higher you jump. If you move the left analog stick while jumping the character will spin a little. In order to do different tricks you have to move the analog stick in different angles, to do a kickflip (where the character kicks the board with his toe so the board does like a barrel roll underneath him) you have to bring the right analog stick down and snap it up and slightly to the right in order to do it.

To make your character go you have to use the X or square buttons, X is regular stance and square is goofy stance which sometimes offers different tricks.

To do grab tricks (now this is really cool) you have to go off a ramp or jump, ollie and us the R2 or L2 buttons to grab the board. R2 corresponds to the right arm and L2 corresponds to the left arm. Depending which arms you use the character will do different tricks.  Now you can also do this while on the ground and your character will duck down so you can go underneath certain things.

To manuel you have to either bring back the right analog stick a little bit or bring it foreward a little bit depending on weither you want to do a nose manuel or a regular one.

To grind you actually have to ollie up to the rail and land on it a certain way to do a certain grind. Unlike the Tony Hawk games where you can grind forever, you actually lose momentum in Skate and your character will either fall off the rail or just slide off. You can tweak some of your grinds you can use the L2 or R2 button to  put your hand down on the board.

You can also do flips when you go off ramps by moving the left analog stick down or up, but be carful becasue you have to land correctly or you won’t land the trick.

Speaking of not landing Skate 2 has a Hall of Meat feature where you get points for how bad you fall and how you fall and what you hurt. By accomplishing some of the things in the Hall of Meat you get money to spend. Ive noticed that when you fall your character does end up getting scraped elbows and when he hits his face it looks like teeth pop out.

Even though I only played the demo of the game, I would have to give it a 9.5 out of 10. The graphics are really great! The character custimization needs a little bit more to make it, well a little more custimizable. The controls are outstanding and are unlike anything I have ever played before, and the game play is very smooth and offeres a lot of diversity to what and how you play, and it is more realistic than the Tony Hawk Series, and from what I played the story seems like a lot of fun to play through and has special apperences from a variety of professional skaters.

I would totally reccomend this to anyone who loves extreme sports games.


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