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Finishing your GED will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Making the commitment to pass your GED test will open doors that you never thought were possible. As a GED Instructor, I can assure you that taking the first step will be the hardest. There are a few steps you can take to ensure GED success.

As a GED teacher, I have found that people are looking for a fast and easy method of finishing their GED’s (General Education Diploma). The best way to finish your GED is to find a local, free, GED class and enroll ASAP. Do not wait. Most of these classes have a limited amount of seats, and if you wait, you may lose the drive to enroll. Once you enroll, your teacher will assist you in the subjects in which you need the most work. He/she will also sign you up for the GED test. Classes are relaxed and in most cases not formal.

Communicating with your teacher will be the most effective way in ensuring academic success. I still talk to many of my former students, and they tell me how important it was to have someone to mentor them throughout the GED process. As a teacher, I always help students who WANT to learn. If you can not attend class, talk to your teacher. He/she may make arrangements for you to attend another class.

There are five section on the GED exam (check your state to verify-  this pertains to  New York State and several others): Reading, Writing (with essay), Math (pt 1 Pt. 2), Social Studies, and  Science. The GED exam is nine (9) hours long, so it is critical that you study before you take the test with a certified GED teacher. He or she may suggest the following:

Do your homework: READ 20 min./day
No really, you have to do work outside the classroom. When students do not do homework, I find it takes them much longer to achieve success. Twenty minutes of reading as well as twenty minutes of other homework will ensure success. I tell all of my students to read 20 minutes a day because the GED test is ALL reading. It is like training for a marathon. You need to condition your brain (and eye muscles) to endure nine hours of reading for the GED test (over 2 days). Consistency is the key in passing the GED test.

Rent or borrow GED learning materials :
Invest in the Steck Vaughn GED series. This is by far the best book series for preparing for the GED test. PBS also offers a video series that is an excellent tutorial. If you can not afford to buy learning materials, ask your teacher or visit your local library.I can attest that  most people have the most difficulty with the Math section of the GED exam.  Ask your teacher for extra help in the Math section if you need it. Percentages and geometry make up the greatest percentage of the Math portion of the GED exam.   

If you are planning to study online , Investigate before you sign up to take the GED test on the Internet:
I have had students pay $600 for a online GED test only to discover that the test was not accepted by any college. Online GED testing sites are sometimes scams that offer FAKE diplomas. However, there are many good online GED tutorials. Be sure to check your state education department’s website to find the best online tutorial for your state’s GED exam.

Just do it!
You have nothing to lose but time. Do what ever it takes to finish your GED, and opportunities will come your way. On a side note: I had a student enter my class six (6) years ago as a single mother. After struggling on the Math section, she passed her GED I kept in touch with her as she progressed through community college and New York State University. She graduated last May with her Master’s degree in education. She is a fourth grade teacher, and her little girl is so proud of her mother! Do yourself a favor and contact a GED program. You will not be sorry. There are people who want to see you succeed.


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